Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Customer Reference & Feedback

The following references are from real clients and have been taken from our Nit Pickers In Syracuse Facebook page. For security reasons, the last names have been omitted.

I have been struggling for months to get rid of my kids head lice & nits but they kept coming back. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Nit Pickers asked a few questions and we discovered the problem was coming from my teen daughter’s cell phone use. If you have teens, please tell them to stay away from selfies. Jamie W.

I have recommended several children to Nit Pickers Head Lice & Nit Removal Service who have had chronic head lice problems. They graciously did the jobs pro bono. They also had the mother of the students watch so they could keep up on it and even gave them a free terminator comb. Thank you for helping out. Public School Nurse

The ladies at Nit Pickers are very good at their jobs. They get right to work and explain what’s happening as they go along. I like that. Hope & Justic Y.

This company has been a lifesaver for us. We asked them to speak at our PTA meeting and the amount of head lice cases in our school has been literally cut in half. I would recommend them to ANY school district. They do it free too. Faith C.

Nit Pickers is a GOD SENT. I didn’t even know a service like this existed until my neighbor went through it with her children. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Don’t waste your time on the over the counter treatments. I wish someone had told me about Nit Pickers before, I could have saved hundreds of dollars. Alex C.

We used the Nit Pickers Head Lice & Nit Removal Service service because we couldn’t get rid of these pests any other way. We tried everything, and I mean everything. The technician was very professional and gave us lots of good advice on how not to get them again. Desiree M.

We called Nit Pickers Head Lice & Nit Removal Service on Christmas day and the owner was very nice about it. We were so distraught we forgot it was Christmas morning. She calmed us down and was at our house 4 hours later to check the girls. The girls had head lice and so did their nanny who lives with us. Once Nit Pickers found out we were not going anywhere and would have no interaction with other family members until later that week, she made an appointment to come the next morning. I don’t know too many companies that would have come on Christmas day. We are so blessed to have them in our community. Rondra J.

I own a local hair salon and refer people to Nit Pickers all the time. By law, we can’t take a client who has head lice or nits and Nit Picky has always been a great partner for us. Our clients love the girls there and always tell us how professional they are and how calm they make them feel when they have an issue like this. I would recommend every hair salon use them for this. Places like Snip Its try to sell their own products and take it from a professional, they don’t work.Sadie B.

If I had known that you guys were around sooner, you would have saved me a trip to Rochester for that stupid AlleAir thing that didn’t work. Within two weeks the lice eggs hatched just to be infested all over again. The lady from the Air place said that we didn’t use the baking soda regiment right and that’s why they came back. YES SHE BLAMED US!!!! It’s been almost three months and having you come just once took care of the problem. That AllieAir thing is a scam.Saundra E.

Thank you Nit Pickers. Before you came I was totally frustrated with the nit problem. We tried and tried to remove them ourselves just to have them keep coming back over and over again. You did a wonderful job and thank you for educating us on the right comb. You are a God sent to parents. Highly recommended. Julie A.

I couldn’t find anyone before turning to you guys. I tried the hot air treatment thing in Rochester and that didn’t do diddly squat except to cost us $350.00 we didn’t have. Those people need to tell clients the hot air doesn’t kill the eggs. Thanks for all your help. You took care of the problem and did it in one session. THANK GOD they are gone now.Elaine C.

Love Nit Pickers. we use them all the time. i agree they are a valuable resource locally. My own daughter got head lice and i had them come to me too. LOLHair So Fair

The ladies of Nit Pickers are amazing and they do a great job! They don’t make it embarrassing! They speak to you like you’re actually a person. Very nice ladies!! Please don’t hesitate to get a hold of them for help!!!Melissa V.

I’m a social worker for Oswego County and am very proud to say we use your services. Great people and very easy to work with. I also like the fact that you stay with the family to make sure the problem is completely eradicated. Timmy says to say hello to Caitlin.Gabriella S.

I am a single father of two girls and couldn’t get any help from my family to deal with the lice problem. A coworker gave me your information and now that I tried it I am convinced that you are angels in disguise lol. Thanks for helping me out with this.Jonathan V.

I would like to thank you for coming to our home to help us. It was a nightmare getting rid of the head lice. I never realized the process was so demanding and thank you so very much for telling us about the toxic treatments on the market. I feel awful because that is exactly what I had been using to deal with this issue.Christine J.

Love Nit Pickers. Other head lice companies say they are from our area and they aren’t. I hired Lice Doctors last year and they are from New Jersey. They just hire and train people via the internet and send them out to do local work in the community. And, they have horrible reviews and lots of better business burea complaints. Use a local, home grown business.Lisa D.

I got in on one of your specials you were running and just in time too. I couldn’t believe all you did for that $75.00 deal. I am very grateful for your help with what was an impossible situation to control.Elaine R.

It’s a bad thing when you as a parent feel you’ve let your child down because you can’t defeat a simple thing like head lice but now I at least feel better knowing most other parents struggle with it too. thank you for the help. you were very kind and offered wonderful advise on how to combat this if it ever happens again.Janet A.

I can’t thank you guys enough for helping us out. We got custody of our two grandchildren and they were loaded with lice. We couldn’t get anybody to cut their hair and no salon would touch them because of the lice. I am in your debt for helping us with this. The girls are now lice free and doing well. You are awesome and I can’t believe nobody ever though of this type of business till now.Andy B.

& Many More!

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