Fees/Forms Of Payment

Head Checks

We do (WET) head checks. Wet checks include a thorough inspection with a professional lice comb to be sure we are actually dealing with a case of head lice and nits. Dry head checks should not be performed.

Should you need to be treated, the cost of the wet head check is deducted from your treatment. The cost is $25.00 each or we have a family plan for 4 or more people.

Full Treatment Of Head Lice & Nit Removal

The average head lice & nit removal takes approximately 1.5 hours. There are extenuating circumstances, of course, like the severity of the case, the length of the hair and how long the problem has existed but generally you are done in 1.5 hours. If we’re dealing with multiple family members, more than one technician may be used and is subject to the same hourly fee. Should your case require one hour of treatment, the fee is $95.00. After one hour, your treatment time is charged in 15 minute increments.

One hour minimum per person treated

Please don’t fall for those plans where you’re paying $175.00 PER PERSON/PER TREATMENT and then have to pay an additional $69.00 for a follow-up appointment.

Hourly Vs. Per Person Fee

If a lice company is charging you $175.00 PER PERSON/PER TREATMENT, you are paying approximately double what you’d pay hourly. By the hour is much more cost effective and there is no return visit fee.

Do It Yourself Kit

We have a kit that services a family of 6. It includes the following: Step by step DVD, organic solution, professional lice comb, professional mint repellent spray and hair clips. The cost is $59.00.

Forms Of Payment

  • FSA & HSA Flexible Health Spending Accounts
  • CREDIT CARDS (Visa, MC, Discover, American Express)
  • CASH

Insurance Reimbursements

Many insurance companies cover the cost of lice removal. An official receipt will be provided with all appropriate insurance codes should you wish to submit to your insurance company.

Medicaid/Fidelis/Other State Insurances

Significant reductions for people on these programs. Must show active Medicaid Card.

House Call Appointments

We will travel up to 200 miles and service your family right in your own home. There is a $75.00 travel fee for the first 50 miles then an $.89 cent cost per mile after that.


Should we get to your home and nobody has to be treated, you will be charged a minimum of one hour plus any travel time and mandatory tip. This is not negotiable. The technician has already traveled there and must be compensated for her time.

A professional lice comb and mint repellent spray will be provided for future maintenance. The lice combs sold at drugstores and retailers are inferior to the professional lice comb we will provide. The cost of the professional comb and repellent spray is $25.00.

Technician Tips

  • Technician tips (In Salon) 20 percent gratuity
  • Technician tips (Medicaid) 20 percent gratuity
  • Technician tips – House call 20% gratuity.

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