When your child comes home with head lice, it is important to educate yourself about the pros and cons before making a lice treatment decision. You’ll want to know what the most effective and least harmful head lice treatment is.

Your first inclination may be to buy one of the many over-the-counter lice treatments on the market. These are not only dangerous, they can actually make the problem worse.

Education is Key

Over the counter treatments contain permethrin/pyrethin, which is derived from chrysanthemums. Children and adults exposed to these products can have symptoms of redness, swelling, excessive itching and respiratory distress. In addition, published research indicates that 80% of adult lice are resistant to these over the counter treatments (super lice). Some studies have drawn connections between overuse of these products with leukemia and autism. Regardless, after the treatment is administered – the nits and bugs still need to be manually removed through combing.

Lice shampoos kill only 18% of head lice and do nothing to kill nits, generating a cycle of re-infestation. Most people mistakenly believe one application of an over the counter shampoo will be enough to control the infestation. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Additionally, lice shampoos do not kill eggs under the age of four days. Manual removal is still necessary.

What About Treatments Prescribed By Doctors For Head Lice Removal

Prescription medications are 25x more toxic then over-the-counter head lice treatments and contain the following toxic chemicals:

Malathion: A highly toxic derivative of nerve gas which works by disrupting the chemical reactions in lice and human nervous systems. Extremely toxic orally, Malathion is a possible carcinogen, mutagen (mutates DNA) and endocrine disrupter. In its raw state, malathion is readily absorbed into the skin.

Lindane: Though this toxic chemical has been globally banned for use in agriculture, it is still the working ingredient in more than 2 million prescriptions for head lice and scabies. New York followed California in banning the chemical compound and it’s forbidden in 52 countries. Despite evidence of its health dangers, parts of the U.S. still allow prescriptions containing Lindane in pharmaceutical compounds. Lindane can have a number of health impacts, including neurological effects, cancer, blood disorders, endocrine disruption, liver toxicity, reproductive effects and immunological effects.

Benzyl Alcohol: Fairly new on the market, used to smother adult lice. Does nothing for nits. Manual removal is still necessary.

We must stop thinking of these products as shampoos (They are insecticides).

Note: An estimated 6-12 million people in the U.S. get head lice each year, and a good majority of those are children. It is still not known whether the developing nervous system of children increases their susceptibility to these toxins; but case controlled research does show a significant association between brain tumors in children and the use of lice shampoos containing the toxins listed above. Additionally, with the onset of super lice/mutant lice, these treatments do not work at ALL.

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