As a trusted community partner, Nit Pickers Head Lice & Nit Removal works with school nurses, summer and day camps, social service agencies and local hair salons to analyze and/or treat chronic head lice & nit cases.

Children with chronic head lice & nits are often subjected to monthly, if not weekly, over the counter head lice treatments; which put their lives in danger. With the proper educational tools, we believe these cases can be cut down if not eliminated altogether.

Our goal is simple: Educate & Eliminate.

NOTE: Head lice & nits do not fly or jump, so being in a room with other people does not subject you to head lice or nits.


Unfortunately, there are far too many families to reach individually, which is why we offer “Free” educational workshops for parents, teachers, school nurses, daycare providers and anyone else who wants to learn how to remove head lice & nits safely and effectively by using nothing more than a good quality lice & nit comb.

How does it work? Simply let us know when you have at least 10 or more people and we’ll show up to do a power point presentation and a short question & answer period. That’s it! We’ll even supply the venue, if needed.

We ask that children be left at home for these workshops. They are designed for adults.

Schedule yours today!